Changing Careers

I thought that I wanted a career in human resources and I thought wrong. I did all that time in school and took all those HR courses just realize that HR isn’t really for the people it’s for the company, even if you work in compensation and benefits it’s still for the company. Do you know what else that really bothers me? When you’re looking for a job and an entry-level job is available they ask for 2 to 3 years of experience. It’s an entry-level job and companies want years of experience. I am confused, truly confused. So I made the decision to change my career and I don’t feel bad about it I am looking more into technology and I’m ready. I’ve noticed since the pandemic a lot of these tech jobs were already working from home and they got more benefits, even though they might have to work even longer hours they still have better benefits than the job that I’m at now and the career that I wanted in the beginning (HR). Plus, I’m tired of always having the biggest smile on my face and a fake happy and jolly voice. I want to be able to learn new things and work independently and with others. Most importantly, I’m ready to make more money and show Black people and other people of color that STEM is an important field for everyone of every age should learn. No I’m not sure about what sector of technology , but I know I’m ready for something different.

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