Graduate School or Not

Hi guys!! I took a night off work and I missed you guys, so I wanted to catch you guys up on my life. Do I want to deal with another two years of school? Sleepless nights and mini mental breakdowns? Possibly. I’m almost done with school and I have been truly considering a career [...]


I’m sorry I haven’t been writing for a few days and I hope you’re doing well. I been busy with school and it’s been some real bullshit going on at work. I’m thankful for a job, especially during the pandemic but the place I work for isn’t thankful for the hard working people coming to [...]

7 Tips for Effective Blog Writing

Blogging is your way to connect with your audience. You must strive for effective communication. Effective communication is not just verbal, its written (newsletters, emails, etc.). Through effective blog writing, you can maintain strong relationships with your audience and possible clients. So, here is a quick list of seven tips for effective blog writing. Identify [...]

Soap and Water

Soap and Water

I don’t understand why people have a problem with soap and water when washing their hands. You need soap and water to wash your hands, sadly people aren’t using this tactic. I don’t know? 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m saying this because I witnessed an individual go to the bathroom and not wash his hands afterwards . After [...]