Grad School

Let's recap! I went back to school seven years after dropping out. I got another associate degree and finally got my bachelor's in business administration in December 2020. I was about to start grad school in Spring 2021, but my mom told me I needed a break. She was right. I was burned out and [...]


I’m going to graduate school!!! I’m so excited, even though I have to study for the GMAT, I’m so happy. I think I’ll be the third person in my family to get a Masters.

Tik Tok and Blogging

I haven’t been blogging too much because I’ve been on TikTok. It’s pretty decent but the app has its moments. I noticed that when I talk about black issues my audio gets removed or my page gets flagged for community guidelines violations. I had to start a second and third page just in case my [...]

Catch Up Mustards

Well I’ve been gone for a while and now I’m back. So let’s catch up. I went back to my situationship, then ended it (went no contact) officially after catching him in another lie. Enrolled in a two day class. Create more TikTok videos. I have almost 6.5k supporters. Decided to go back to school [...]

Guess What?

I got a new job guys!!! I will now be a process technician, I’ll be fixing machines, doing projects with the engineering department and training operators. I’m truly excited and nervous about this new beginning. This is a new department with engineers. I think I have a cubicle too. A cubicle with my name on [...]

Catch Up

Well I got my wisdom tooth pulled Wednesday and I have to go back to work Friday. I’m still waiting to find out if I got a another job or not. I decided not to go to graduate school possibly until August 2022. I had to order boxes from Uline since the homemade boxes I [...]