Therapy Update

Therapy Update

So, as you guys know, I have been going to therapy for three weeks and it has been helpful because I have been able to release a lot of issues that I can't talk to family or friends about. Now here is the issue, I have a feeling that my therapist is not really connecting [...]

Karmic Relationships

For over two years, I was involved in a karmic relationship. Full of drama, heartbreak and tears, I begged for his love knowing that he was emotionally unavailable. I even considered thinking about conceiving a child with this individual, but I'm thankful it's over because if I was pregnant dealing with an individual like that, [...]

Year 31

Well today is my 31st birthday, and even though my trip to Vegas was ruined by COVID-19 I still enjoyed myself. I went to a Caribbean restaurant with my mom and enjoyed it. My anxiety wasn’t as bad being around other people but I had a good time. My wish for my next birthday is [...]