I’m single with no real prospectives and I’m 31 years old. I made the decision this morning that if I’m not married by 35, I will be adopting a child. I’m cool with that decision because there’s children in the world that need love and attention, if I’m willing and able to give it to […]

Graduate School or Not

Hi guys!! I took a night off work and I missed you guys, so I wanted to catch you guys up on my life. Do I want to deal with another two years of school? Sleepless nights and mini mental breakdowns? Possibly. I’m almost done with school and I have been truly considering a career […]

Sad News

Two group projects, tests, quizzes spreadsheets , a baby shower (not mine), a 12-hour night shift job and an unwanted guest that I’m trying to get out of my home has filled my schedule. I have made the difficult decision to not blog until I graduate from college next month. I will try to post […]

White Rats

I had the craziest dream . I was in a room full of white rats and one of them were reaching out to get me. What does that mean ?

Peace and Blockings

If your spirit becomes lighter after blocking a person, you did the right thing. Keep them blocked and don’t look back. Hold on to your peace.

Year 31

Well today is my 31st birthday, and even though my trip to Vegas was ruined by COVID-19 I still enjoyed myself. I went to a Caribbean restaurant with my mom and enjoyed it. My anxiety wasn’t as bad being around other people but I had a good time. My wish for my next birthday is […]

Vacation ☺️

I’m off from work guys!! I took the whole week off and I feel so good. Well rested and ready to post some stuff. Of course I still have assignments for school, but that extra 12 hours are so helpful.

One Hour of Sleep

My job sucks. I said it. I been working like a dog and it’s starting to take a toll on my body. I slept for one hour after completing my assignments, I truly don’t think I did too well on them because I was rushing. I will be so happy for the day I can […]


I gotta go back to work and I know that I need my job but jeez. I gotta go back to work.


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