I Didn’t Get Promoted

After four years of hard work and effort, I did not get a promotion. You guys want to know why I wasn’t promoted? I didn’t go to morning meetings and didn’t prepare pass down reports. A pass down report is usually completed by three people: a process technician (tools aspect), shift lead (tools, people and […]


I’m not even mad. I’m thankful, after the lies and confusion, I wasn’t even surprised. His unpredictable behavior made me realize that I deserve better. It also helped me realize that I’m free now. I can finally do what I want to do with the black cloud hovering over me. It also showed me that […]

Changing Careers

I thought that I wanted a career in human resources and I thought wrong. I did all that time in school and took all those HR courses just realize that HR isn’t really for the people it’s for the company, even if you work in compensation and benefits it’s still for the company. Do you […]

What is Boba?

For anyone that’s new, here’s a short introduction about me: I’m from the Southeastern United States. A small southeastern state where each corner has three things: churches, restaurants or gas stations. I was on TikTok last week and, I saw a creator that was going into a euphoria about this drink called Boba. Apparently, it’s […]

The Adventures of a Job Search

The time has officially come. It’s time for a new job. I’m not even scared for a new start anymore because my current job is becoming toxic by the day. People are leaving not returning due to FMLA or just quitting. I’m jumping from three different departments due to having different certifications. My other coworkers […]

Is Blogging Important in 2021?

With TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube is there a purpose for blogging? I think blogs are important because social media accounts can be deleted or wiped off the social media sites. If you have a blog, make sure to have the information , then you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Your blog is […]

On Vacation

I took the week off for my mom’s birthday and I’m so thankful. I have been resting and having a little fun on TikTok too. I’m still trying to figure out how to get my cousin out of my house but I’ve got a feeling that he’s leaving soon.

No Grad School 2021

You guys I made the decision to not go to school this year. I need a break. With graduate school, work and blogging, I could possibly have a mental breakdown. I have some certifications that I can finish while I’m waiting, plus I can focus on leaving my job. I’m ready to have fun guys, […]

Applying to Graduate School

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to graduate school. 🤯 Why? After all the drama with working and school, I made the wild decision to go back. I have people depending on me and I want to make myself and my family proud. I’m ready for August.


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