The Unmotivated Blogger

I haven’t been writing as much because I’ve been going through a stressful situation that I’ll talk to you guys about later. I haven’t been feeling motivated or inspired to write. I just couldn’t take it. There’s been days that I don’t get out the bed and wash my ass. It’s disgusting. I have so […]

True Crime and Tik Tok

I have always been intrigued with true crime and yesterday I posted my first true crime story on TikTok. I’m so happy to have finally taken the step needed to break the ice. I had a lot of takes and made a lot of mistake but I did a pretty decent. I even added music. […]

Dear Trump Supporters

You’re a bunch of inbred, hate filled imbeciles that are trying to destroy the rebuilding of the United States. You failed miserably. You ran through the capitol building after the elections have been completed. Trump loss, Biden won, you’ve lost the Senate and everything that you’ve been trying to fight for (ignorance and blatant lies) […]

Happy New Year

I had a post about positive moments of 2020 but I decided not to post it since I overslept and missed my deadline. We moving forward guys🤣 Happy New Year

Don’t Invite to no more Baby Showers

2020 was a year of twists and turns but also a lot of baby showers. I was invited to three baby showers and I went to two. This last one was the last straw for me because, I didn’t want to deal with those four dreadful questions. Are you married? Do you have children? Why […]

Random Christmas Fact

Michael Jackson and his brothers did Christmas songs and they were Jehovah Witnesses. Jehovah Witnesses don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays.

I’m on TikTok

I’m older, but I’m truly enjoying myself. I thought that since I’m 31, that I wouldn’t have anything in common but, I been learning a lot of things. If you want to follow me then go to my page: j_allie89.

My Mom was Almost Electrocuted

So, I got my ass chewed out because my room was dirty as hell. I will say that when it comes to my room, I don’t take care of it as much as I should. As for the kitchen, living room and bathroom, that’s a different situation because those areas have a higher traffic area. […]

Anxiety and Bloggers Block

I have been finished with school for almost two weeks and I can’t write. I know that I want to do more for the blog but I’ve been a bit stuck. I guess with the mix of still working at this crazy ass job, COVID-19 cases rising in my area, and figuring out the next […]


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