Guess What?

I got a new job guys!!! I will now be a process technician, I’ll be fixing machines, doing projects with the engineering department and training operators. I’m truly excited and nervous about this new beginning. This is a new department with engineers. I think I have a cubicle too. A cubicle with my name on […]

Catch Up

Well I got my wisdom tooth pulled Wednesday and I have to go back to work Friday. I’m still waiting to find out if I got a another job or not. I decided not to go to graduate school possibly until August 2022. I had to order boxes from Uline since the homemade boxes I […]

Small Business Reality: Packaging

I have to make boxes to cut costs since boxes online (mainly from Amazon and Uline) are too expensive. For example: I get a 50 count of Kraft paper boxes for $13.00 but a pack of 300 cardstock paper is $17.00. Of course, I have to spend $4.00 but, I will have 300 boxes. If […]

The Toxicity of Linkedin

As you all know, I’m looking for another job. So where do you go to look for jobs? LinkedIn. When I tell you guys that the “I really love my job ” posts annoyed me so bad that I’m ready to delete my account. I’m just over these companies and the multi millionaire executives that […]

Starting my Business and Career

I made a decision to start a new career and my own business. My green light came from an influencer named Marche (pronounced: MAR-SHAY) Robinson, she’s an attorney and fashion-lifestyle influencer. She really helped me realize that there’s nothing wrong with having a “Plan B”. I’m not saying that I don’t believe in myself, I’m […]

Anxiety and Driving

So I have a confession, I don’t have my driver’s license. I am 31 (almost 32 years old) and my driving skills are not good. I can drive around my small town but when I get closer to the city, my anxiety gets really bad. It’s truly weird because when I lived in the city […]


We are babysitting your children because we love them and want to spend time with them, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a life. Respect our boundaries.

I Didn’t Get Promoted

After four years of hard work and effort, I did not get a promotion. You guys want to know why I wasn’t promoted? I didn’t go to morning meetings and didn’t prepare pass down reports. A pass down report is usually completed by three people: a process technician (tools aspect), shift lead (tools, people and […]


I’m not even mad. I’m thankful, after the lies and confusion, I wasn’t even surprised. His unpredictable behavior made me realize that I deserve better. It also helped me realize that I’m free now. I can finally do what I want to do with the black cloud hovering over me. It also showed me that […]

Changing Careers

I thought that I wanted a career in human resources and I thought wrong. I did all that time in school and took all those HR courses just realize that HR isn’t really for the people it’s for the company, even if you work in compensation and benefits it’s still for the company. Do you […]


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