The Toxicity of Linkedin

As you all know, I’m looking for another job. So where do you go to look for jobs? LinkedIn. When I tell you guys that the “I really love my job ” posts annoyed me so bad that I’m ready to delete my account. I’m just over these companies and the multi millionaire executives that try to sugarcoat the truth. Yes, the company has signed a contract with another super company but you still have your employees working in a hostile work environment and they’re suffering from mass turnovers. Oh, John Doe has been a supervisor for two years but he’s been sent to HR twelve times for bullying. Let’s not forget about the anniversary posts. My goodness those posts are the worst. “Bobbie Lee has been working for us for twenty-five years and we gifted her a dinner and a $25.00 gift card from Amazon.” What can we do with $25.00 Amazon gift card? Sure we can purchase a few items, but we can’t buy real essential items like gas for our car.

It’s just getting annoying as hell and I’m done with trying to tweak my page just for these companies to judge me and ignore me.

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