Anxiety and Driving

So I have a confession, I don’t have my driver’s license. I am 31 (almost 32 years old) and my driving skills are not good. I can drive around my small town but when I get closer to the city, my anxiety gets really bad. It’s truly weird because when I lived in the city I was driving around without license. I have noticed that when I have moments there’s a certain person in the car with me: my mom. I’m usually okay with other people in the car, I can’t drive with someone in the car who has short patience. Plus I don’t want to get anybody hurt. But I’m ready to be free. So, I have gotten in contact with a driving school and I will be starting next week. Hopefully I’ll have my license after my birthday.

6 thoughts on “Anxiety and Driving

  1. I hope you get your license soon and overcome your fear! ❤️
    I am planning to excel my ability to drive very soon too, so your fear is somehow understandable as I still fear driving around my own area!

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