Five Lessons I Learned from Harry and Meghan

Meghan fell in love with Prince Harry and got married, unfortunately she married into a family that has been institutionalized to colonize other cultures and countries (mainly black countries) for hundreds of years. After watching the interview, Meghan and Harry singlehandedly tarnished an already stained British royal family. Diana would be proud.

  1. Don’t be naïve in your relationship. Whether you’re in a same race relationship, same-sex relationship, or interracial relationship, be aware that everyone will not be happy for you. This includes family. You have to research and keep mental notes on the family you’re about to marry into, I don’t care if they are a royal family or a regular family.
  2. It’s okay to cut off your toxic relatives. If they are not adding positivity, honesty and love in your life, let them go. Your mental health is way more important than the opinions of low minded relatives.
  3. Your ancestors are watching. In life you will have family members that have passed away but what you don’t understand is that they are still watching you. If they see that you or your family is in danger they will find the slightest or obvious way to warn. Lady Diana knew that “the institution” was going to try to ruin her children, so she left money for them ( I believe it was only for Harry since William is an heir).
  4. The royal family is a cult. Meghan kept referring the royal family and their staff as “the institution” . Another disturbing part of the interview was Meghan saying that she had to give up her drivers license, passport and car keys after the wedding. Meghan had to go through all these members of staff to address her mental issues. Reminds me of the NXIVM cult.
  5. Leave where you are not wanted. If you’re in a place where you are not being treated good, please leave. Get the appropriate help needed to learn from this experience. Do not return to the lace that has hurt you.

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