My Mom was Almost Electrocuted

So, I got my ass chewed out because my room was dirty as hell. I will say that when it comes to my room, I don’t take care of it as much as I should. As for the kitchen, living room and bathroom, that’s a different situation because those areas have a higher traffic area. Well my mom purchased a new dresser for my room because I’ve been purchasing more clothes and other stuff. When I say other stuff, I mean makeup and wigs. I got eleven wigs chilling in my closet right now. Eleven. My makeup and makeup supplies took over a drawer. My mother’s face was a mix of humor and bewilderment. So let’s fast forward to the moment that I almost electrocuted my mom. Okay I was cleaning my desk , my mom was behind me when all of a sudden I heard a zap.

Mom: “You’re trying to kill me!”

Me: 😳

Mom: “What is this? I thought this was a flashlight!”

Me: “Oh my goodness mom I’m sorry. It’s a taser.”

Mom: “Oh my god my child is trying to kill me!”

Me: 🤦🏽‍♀️ “Ma’am, you picked it up and turned it on.”

Mom: “Why do you have this?”

Me: “Mom I’m sorry.”

Mom: ” No you’re not.”

Me: 😑

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