Five Tax Deductions For Your Blog

According to GoDaddy, a blogger that’s earns at least $400 USD in blogging, you may need to file a self employment tax return. Some of these deductions may surprise you. Only if you only earn cents from blogging there’s nothing wrong with being prepared financially.

1. Website fees. This can include website building by a contract worker. Another set of fees is domain name and hosting.

2. Blog-Related Travel. Say your taking a trip out of town for an blog conference, you can save your receipts for food, gas and travel expenses. As long a your trip is overnight and away from your home, you should be able to use this deduction.

3. Advertising and Marketing. Your use of promotions is to sell your blog. Whether you get traffic or not , you paid for the advertising.

4. Clothing . Say you promoted clothing from BooHoo or Missguided, that’s a tax deduction. Just have evidence showing that you did it for blogging purposes.

5. Cameras. This is needed for your blog because your taking pictures and videos.

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