6 Ways to Find a Job During Covid-19

Have you realized that your job does not care about you or your family’s health? Are you not getting hazard pay? Or you are just done with the on the job stupidity from management? You are not alone. It might be time for you to look for a new job. There is nothing wrong to admit that it is time to start a new adventure in the workforce.

1. Update your resume. If you have gained some extra skills at your job put that in your resume. Add some specific certifications on your resume, if needed.

2.  Attend Virtual Job Fairs. Indeed, Monster, and Career Centers within your jobs are having virtual job fairs. Have your updated resume with you and connect with people within the companies.

3. Start Networking. If you know some people within your company at an executive level, get close to them and stay connected to them for jobs. These are the people that may help you get you to where you need to go.

4. Refresher Courses. Go back to school and take some courses that can help you boost your skills. Increasing your skills could possibly help you get a better position.  

5. Go to reputable job search sites. Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn are job search sites that various open positions. These job search sites can also help you with building your resume, finding virtual job fairs, and learning about prospective employers.

6. Do not immediately quit your job. I know you are tired of the madness, feeling unappreciated by management and peers but do not lose your cool and quit your job. “Play chess, not checkers.” This means to have a good exit strategy.

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