7 Tips for Effective Blog Writing

Blogging is your way to connect with your audience. You must strive for effective communication. Effective communication is not just verbal, its written (newsletters, emails, etc.). Through effective blog writing, you can maintain strong relationships with your audience and possible clients. So, here is a quick list of seven tips for effective blog writing.

  1. Identify with your recipients. The recipients are your audience. Keep the recipients in mind by identifying their wants and needs. By identifying their wants and needs, it can help you organize your ideas. 
  2. Do not repeat yourself.  Do not write the same thing repeatedly. Repeating yourself can make your audience lose interest. Say what you need to say once.
  3. Utilize correct spelling and grammar. Correct spelling and grammar help recipients view you as a professional and credible source within the company. Incorrect spelling and grammar can result in miscommunication and less effective. 
  4. Apply clear and concise wording. Avoid unnecessary jargon. Jargon can have plenty of fancy words but have no meaning. Concentrate on the main points and purpose of your writing. 
  5. Avoid the word “very”. The word “very” is a lazy term. Using “very” is a filler word and it does not add to your writing.
  6. Use exclamation points sparingly. Sometimes an exclamation point in a document can show good news. However, too many exclamation points in your documents show immaturity. It is seen as yelling to your recipients. 
  7. Proofread your writing.  Proofreading may seem easy, but it is not. After writing your document, please have someone else review it before sending it to your recipients. 

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