Soap and Water

I don’t understand why people have a problem with soap and water when washing their hands. You need soap and water to wash your hands, sadly people aren’t using this tactic. I don’t know? 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m saying this because I witnessed an individual go to the bathroom and not wash his hands afterwards . After the incident, we had lunch and I noticed that he didn’t wash his hands. 🤮

I was disgusted and disappointed because I know that he was raised better than that. My disgust became anger because were in the middle of a pandemic and he’s not taking his life or mine’s seriously. Truthfully, I was ready to fight this individual but violence is not the answer. So, I sprayed everything with bleach and disinfectant products.

Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot melt if you wash your hands with soap and water. Not just water!! Soap and water, for 20 seconds and you can sing a little song (preferably Happy Birthday) and your done.
Please stop testing Ms. COVID-19, you will fail.

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