The Journey to Entrepreneurship: The Horrible Supervisor

Again, I’m giving myself a round of applause for spelling entrepreneurship without using spell check.

All jobs are important but if you have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, then you should at least try it. My Uncle Robert told me that it’s better to have at least tried, than to have not tried and live your life in regret.

What Happened?

The final straw happened to me last Saturday with my supervisor. Friday, I was out of town for my younger cousin’s funeral and was given bereavement for that one day. When I returned to work Saturday, I got a phone call in my department from my lead concerning some paperwork. I called my supervisor to ask permission to get my paperwork signed by my lead. He asked me the most insensitive question I’ve ever heard.

“How was your day off?”

Remember, I went to a funeral. I went to a child’s funeral. A child that was murdered. I’m still trying to figure out a way to cope with this child’s death, in addition to burying my Aunt not even two weeks prior. The “supervisor” had the nerve to ask not once, but twice, ” How was your day off?” I forgot to tell you guys that he watches the department cameras, which is not wrong because the company has hired some unfavorable people that have stolen information to other countries for money. My issue is the random pop ups and telling employees that they are being watched. I forgot about the face to face meetings about terminating employees and the reasoning behind their terminations. He’s causing a hostile work environment.

I have worked so hard for my company and I can barely get a title change. Almost four years later, and I’m behind people that haven’t been here as long as myself. Friends of the supervisor are receiving more responsibilities and pay raises than myself. I just can’t deal with the pettiness any longer. When you’re a leader, you’re supposed to be respectful and respect the people that are helping you boost your reputation. There’s many more on the job issues that I’ll talk about later.

If I’m going to work long hours, I will work long hours doing what I love: writing and helping others.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?

2 thoughts on “The Journey to Entrepreneurship: The Horrible Supervisor

  1. That is tough having to work in a hostile environment…in addition to that, you can’t grieve in peace. You do not have to put up with that treatment, and I would notify HR. Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you much success as an entrepreneur!

    I am a writer and an entrepreneur as well. My husband and I started a couple’s blog on Christian marriages, dating, and relationships. Our goal is to inspire others and receive inspiration as well. Check us out❤ IG: itsthatmclove

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    1. Thank you very much for the support ❤️ I’ve already been applying for new positions and I’m going to HR. I’m going to check out you and your husband IG


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