The Truth About A Narcissist

This is an old post from Simply Jessica Bee that I believe should be reposted because people, especially women should read this.

** Before I start I have to say that if you are in a situation with a narcissist, please seek professional help and cut all ties with the individual(s). ** I am not a professional, I am just a woman that has had to deal with the unfortunate but learning experience of  narcissists (relative and non relative).

Now back to the truth.

They can smell you to look for opportunities to get back into your life. They will use manipulation tactics to string you in and keep you in a situation, just to leave you again. They use those tactics to keep you addicted to them. They want to use the good times as a way to keep you in the situation. To make them feel good about themselves. The truth about a narcissist is that, they are soulless, they do not have any clue of how to treat people and how to love. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE A NARCISSIST!! THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT EMPATHY!

I used to not want to write about this on the blog because I just wanted to move on, but I wouldn’t be moving on if I didn’t use my experience to help others. I will be writing more about narcissists: What to look for? How are they? Where do they come from? Smear Campaigns? Flying monkeys? Empaths?

Everything I’ve witnessed and learned, I will use it to help others.

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